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At Dockside Wealth Advisors, we understand your financial world is complex. Truly managing your wealth requires an overarching strategy that considers your entire financial life, including your financial resources, personal tolerance for investment-related risk, tax profile, capital-need requirements, and short- and long-term financial goals.

To create your customized solution, we'll begin by sitting down with you, one on one, to understand your current financial picture, help you define your financial objectives, and identify any immediate financial challenges. Once we have a strong understanding of your financial "big picture," we'll begin the planning process in earnest, applying the most appropriate mix of our available services to address your needs.


We'll work with you to design, construct and manage a detailed financial plan tailored to help you meet your financial goals. Since 1991, the firm's founder has written hundreds of financial plans (this firm was registered in 2005). Focused on the unique financial challenges of our clients, our Clear Horizons Financial Planning service applies customized strategies designed to encompass your financial and investment objectives, personal risk tolerances, demographics, and your own personality, preferences, and life goals.

With the primary goals of preserving your life savings, growing your wealth, and protecting your lifestyle, our recommendations and guidance will be based on the complex combination of your financial needs, current legislation, changing tax rules, and economic and market shifts that impact your plan's potential for success.

Our services in this area include:

   Identifying needs and objectives
   Cash-flow analysis and planning
   Long and short term planning for financial goals
   Tax planning
   Social security maximization

   Executive benefits analysis and advice

   Retirement income planning


Your investment portfolio is your primary tool for growing your assets. At Dockside Wealth Advisors, we believe a customized approach to investing is the optimal approach to growing and protecting accumulated wealth. As fee-only planners, we are solely focused on your best interests. As part of that commitment, we remove the potential for any conflict of interest by utilizing investments for which we receive no commissions. Our Clear Horizons Investment Management service focuses on selecting managers and strategies that are exceptionally cost- and tax-efficient.

We are an independent Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), which gives us access to the entire universe of investment alternatives, and gives you greater flexibility and choice when building your portfolio. As your wealth advisors, we do not restrict our view to vehicles we implement ourselves; instead we plan, invest, advise, and monitor your total investment portfolio no matter where your funds are held. We also provide advice on employee stock options, executive benefits, 401(k)'s, trusts and nontransferable assets. 

Our services in this area include:
   Investment planning and risk mitigation
   Portfolio management including trusts
   Employee stock option analysis, selection and exercise programs
   IRA and 401(k) advice
   Managed option strategies

We will help you get from where you are now to where you need to be—confidently and securely. As you grow in years, it is important that your assets remain intact and your income increases as your expenses increase. At Dockside Wealth Advisors, we use a variety of planning vehicles to get you—and keep you—on track for retirement, no matter how you define that stage of your life.


Age 55 to 72 is a critical time period when many irrevocable decisions must be made.  Retirement plan rollover, social security, IRA required minimum distribution and pension and annuity decisions.  We apply industry leading data science and critical thinking to help you prevent costly and permanent mistakes.

Our services in this area include:
   Planning and strategies for retirement
   Creating, maximizing and maintaining sustainable retirement income

   The proper use of annuities
   IRA's and employer sponsored benefits
   Tax planning
   Social security maximization



Who We Are, What We Do

Objective and Experienced Advice

Welcome to Dockside Wealth Advisors, LLC, a fee-only Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) based in Connecticut. While our clients—high-level executives, successful professionals, and retirees—have a wide variety of financial needs and goals, for many others, they are simply seeking to continue to support their lifestyle into retirement, manage their finances efficiently, or to invest as wisely as possible.

With decades of experience as a trusted advisor, we provide financial planning and investment management services. Our clients prefer the close and personal attention they receive by working with a firm our size. We help them make informed decisions through meaningful education.



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